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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open access
Journal Impact FactorTM (2022) 1.7
Journal Citation IndicatorTM (2022) 0.42


Social entrepreneurship in the Baltic and Nordic countries. Would the variety of existing legal forms do more for the impact on sustainable development?

Tomas Lavišius, Virginijus Bitė, Mads Andenas

2550    1373

Financial, organisational and informative involvement of the society in social innovation processes in Latvia

Karine Oganisjana, Svetlana Surikova, Konstantins Kozlovskis, Anna Svirina

3415    2184

Water as freedom in the Brazilian Amazon

Salvatore Monni, Martina Iorio, Alessio Realini

4607    1671

Engaging universities in social innovation research for understanding sustainability issues

Karine Oganisjana, Anna Svirina, Svetlana Surikova, Gunta Grīnberga-Zālīte, Konstantins Kozlovskis

4952    2450

Factors influencing social innovation processes in Latvia: qualitative research perspective

Karine Oganisjana, Svetlana Surikova, Tālis Laizāns

3518    2386