Source: Journal Citation ReportsTM from ClarivateTM 2022

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open access
Journal Impact FactorTM (2022) 1.7
Journal Citation IndicatorTM (2022) 0.42


Streaming ahead: technological innovations redefining new product development in the entertainment industry

Denisa Iliescu, Alexandra Ioanid

228    164

Sustainable entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: a systematic evaluation of extant research

Ghadeer Kayal

341    133

Knowledge transfer and innovation incubators: the context of the European Union

Margarita Išoraitė, Nikolaj Ambrusevič, Neringa Miniotienė

217    137

Peculiarities of video streaming industry development

Alexandra Ioanid, Denisa Iliescu

519    228

Research and innovation for sustainability transformation – modern outlooks and actual challenges

Bogdan Fleacă, Elena Fleacă, Sanda Maiduc, Ionut Marius Croitoru

800    382

Innovation of the production process of engineering companies in relation to business portfolio

Milan Talíř, Jarmila Straková

715    370

Assessment of the innovation potential of the selected regions

Jevgenij Gladevich

1025    493

How Blue Ocean Strategy helps innovate social inclusion.

Margarita Išoraitė, Irena Alperytė

1219    879

Assessment of the innovation potential of the regions of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus

Jevgenij Gladevich

1764    635

Changes in business models implied by the use of digital technology platforms

Krzysztof Bartczak

1473    702