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Received: 2020-05-12  |  Accepted: 2020-08-20  |  Published: 2020-12-30


Perception of "Green Shipping" in the contemporary conditions


The article aims at substantiating the importance and relevance of the "green shipping" concept, as well as updating approaches to its understanding in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, the article discusses the tools by which there can be achieved the goals of the classical concept, as well as the tools that can be implemented as part of a so-called “primary block” – humanity-friendly part of the updated “green shipment” concept. The purpose of the article is to give grounds to promising areas of investment in "green shipping" projects under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to review the instruments to increase the biological safety of vessels to ensure the financial stability of shipment companies. This article explains the necessity to reconsider the “green shipping” concept, which, under the influence the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot remain the same any longer. The authors proved that achieving total ecological friendliness does not mean the full safety of shipping, and, in their opinion, apart from realizing other fundamental tasks, "green vessels" must become friendly to humanity. There are accumulated the main instruments, which are the part of eco-friendly shipping and are the objects of international investments, and there are proposed the fundamentally new ones. This paper creates the basis for further fundamental research aimed at updating "green shipping" concept under the influence of unfavourable economic and social environment in order to maintain financial stability of all stakeholders engaged in international investments in shipping.


"green shipping", pandemic, COVID-19, biological hazard, biological safety, international investments, investments, sustainable development

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O31 , O44 , Q01






This research was partly supported by the EU project "Clean Shipping Project Platform (CSHIPP)" funded by European Regional Development Fund within the framework of EU Interreg program.

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Prokopenko, Olha
Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia
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Miśkiewicz, Radosław
Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland
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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues





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December 2020

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VšĮ Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center, Vilnius, Lithuania


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