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Received: 2019-02-15  |  Accepted: 2019-07-02  |  Published: 2019-09-30


Recognition and description of synergy conditions in team work in view of the grounded theory


Developing an organisation of the future requires growing potential that will create the foundations for entrepreneurship, innovative activities and sustainable development. Every unit in the organisation's structure is to be a part of this but only team work gives the opportunity to engage the multi-directional potentials in the process. The enhanced cooperation enables any team to achieve exceptional results and the synergy effect. In this context, the value for the development of an organisation is the ability to recognise this phenomenon and indicate the circumstances of its occurrence. In the article, the grounded theory strategy applied in the research, is presented as a method enabling recognition and description of synergy conditions in a team. And based on the methodology, the author aims at explaining the factors deciding on the quality of team work. Given, however, the multidimensional nature of the research on synergy, the main objective of the article is to outline the developed research procedure first stage’s endeavours and to discuss the qualitative findings. The employed approach allow keeping apt sequence of delivering empirical evidences proving that synergy is a function of state. The applied concept of grounded theory enabled the researcher to see the key definitions and to indicate variables that would explain the conditions influencing the effectiveness of teams functioning. The ability to present the first part of the findings is, in fact, an opportunity to fortify the voiced arguments that the creative approach, entrepreneurial activity, and social capital are vital to establish the synergy effect in team work. Furthermore, the findings clearly support the concept that synergy is a feature of a team that emerges at specific time, when the team reaches a particular level of relation quality. On top of that, the acquired findings also present that team proficiency and potential growth are, at all times, strengthened by the ability to perceive and implement the synergy effect.


synergy, grounded theory, team work, quality of relations, entrepreneurship, development

JEL classifications

L20 , L26 , O15 , M54






The paper has been prepared on the basis of a fundamental research project - Synergy and Social Capital of Modern Organisations. The project was financed by the National Science Centre with funds allocated on the basis of decision-DCE 2011/01/BHS4/04810.

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Jasińska, Monika
Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities, Siedlce, Poland
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