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Received: 2018-05-26  |  Accepted: 2019-01-15  |  Published: 2019-03-30


Passions and enthusiasm of small and medium enterprises (SMEs): A case study of Nakorn Ratchasima province, Thailand


The objective of this research is finding the entrepreneurial passion and enthusiasm variables which effect on enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and persistence of business of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Nakorn Ratchasima Province, Thailand. The enthusiasm for entrepreneurship parameters have been identified in 5 parameters, commitment to the product or service, enthusiasm for competition, passion for entrepreneurship, enthusiasm for opportunity and enthusiasm for development parameters. This research finds that the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship consists of commitment to the product or service which mean is 3.50 and S.D.=0.81, enthusiasm for competition which mean is 3.50 and S.D=0.74, passion for entrepreneurship which mean is 3.77 and S.D=0.79, enthusiasm for opportunity which mean is 3.58 and S.D=0.83 and enthusiasm for development which mean is 3.78 and S.D=0.84. The correlation between persistence of business and commitment to the product or service r=-0.329**, persistence of business and enthusiasm for competition r=-290**, persistence of business and passion for entrepreneurship r=-0.366**, persistence of business and enthusiasm for opportunity r=-0.264**. Commitment to the product or service, enthusiasm for competition, passion for entrepreneurship and enthusiasm for opportunity have the correlation with persistence of business. The entrepreneur who has an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship keeps a persistence of business.


Enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, enthusiasm for competition, enthusiasm for opportunity, enthusiasm for development, passion for entrepreneurship

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Suvittawat, Adisak
Suranaree University of Technology, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
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VšĮ Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center, Vilnius, Lithuania


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