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Received: 2024-02-15  |  Accepted: 2024-06-10  |  Published: 2024-06-30


Combined feed production in Kazakhstan's agro-industrial sector


Feed mills are among the most socially important organizations of the agro-industrial complex. The combined feed they produce has high nutritional value and allows growing animals and poultry as efficiently as possible. Among the food and processing industry enterprises, special attention should be paid to the organizations of a single technological chain of the agro-industrial complex, including feed mills. Activities of those agricultural companies embrace not only the processing of agricultural raw materials (grain) and food industry waste but also the manufacturing of products that form the basis for fattening animals and poultry in the agricultural sector. It is necessary to equip enterprises with highly efficient equipment, use progressive technological processes, skillfully organize personnel work, and make qualified managerial decisions to produce competitive products and solve food security issues successfully. In addition, at the state level, the expansion of combined feed production is associated with the solution of import substitution of livestock products and the development of other related areas of the economy. Implementing innovative projects, including resource-saving tools, can help enterprise management fulfil its duties more successfully. Sustainable development of domestic livestock breeding and poultry farming depends on the state of the feed industry, which is determined by the availability of this industry's key resources, primarily raw materials. Knowing how much of the combined feed products is produced with raw material resources is essential. Despite the gradual increase in the output of combined feed over the past decades, there are still challenges associated with providing balanced dietary feed, including high consumption of combined feed per one ton of meat and dairy products. Besides, the organizational and economic relations of organizations comprising the agro-industrial industry must be improved.


combined feed industry, livestock breeding, agricultural production, organizational and economic relations, market, quality, implementation, placement, growth, production

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This study was funded by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (grant No AP14869793 Organisational and economic mechanism of sustainable development of enterprises of feed industry of agroindustrial complex in innovative and digital technologies).

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Mizanbekova, Salima
Kazakh National Agrarian University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Kalykova, Bakhyt
Kazakh National Agrarian University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Ordabayeva, Gulzinat
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Mizanbekov, Ilyas
Kazakh National Agrarian University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues





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June 2024

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ISSN 2345-0282 (online)


VšĮ Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Center, Vilnius, Lithuania


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