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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open access
Journal Impact FactorTM (2022) 1.7
Journal Citation IndicatorTM (2022) 0.42


Innovative approaches in management: a key factor for the quality of health services

Nadežda Jankelová, Zuzana Joniaková, Diana Puhovichová

1427    612

Borrowing for health, sustainability, credit card use and ownership: a study of 74 countries

Suwastika Naidu, Fang Zhao, Atishwar Pandaram, Anand Chand, Arvind Patel

1973    844

Socio-economic sustainable development and the precariat: a case study of three Russian cities

Vyacheslav Volchik, Liudmila Klimenko, Oxana Posukhova

3556    1609