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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open access
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Journal Citation IndicatorTM (2022) 0.42


Literature review on digital entrepreneurship in South Africa: a human capital perspective

Arvid Muzanenhamo, Edward Rankhumise

592    336

Digitalization and human capital development

Eva Ivanová, Veronika Žárská, Jana Masárová

2085    772

Differentiation in levels of human capital among small cities in Warminsko-Mazurskie Voivodship

Wioletta Wierzbicka

1680    709

Determinants of the human capital redistribution. What pushes out and what pulls to the regions of Masovian Voivodship

Marek Piotrowski, Paweł Huras, Katarzyna Modrzejewska

1625    700

Discovering the role of intellectual capital in Latin America: insights from Ecuador

Mariuxi Pardo-Cueva, Guillermo Antonio Dávila, Laura Magali Chamba-Rueda

1854    997

Lifelong learning as an employee retention tool. Comparative banking analysis

Jerzy Kaźmierczyk, Gulnara Fatykhovna Romashkina, Przemysław Macholak

2213    1214

The latest transition of manufacturing agricultural production as a result of a unique generation of human capital in new economic conditions

Inna Gennadievna Kuznetsova, Hilary Izuchukwu Okagbue, Alla Borisovna Plisova, Elena Evgenyevna Noeva, Mariya Vladimirovna Mikhailova, Galina Vladimirovna Meshkova

1902    1162

The value of training and loyalty. A comparative analysis

Jerzy Kaźmierczyk, Gulnara Fatykhovna Romashkina, Joanna Wyrwa

2399    1108

Human capital, institutional economics and entrepreneurship as a driver for quality & sustainable economic growth

P. Eko Prasetyo, N. Rahayu Kistanti

4239    1839

Factors for efficient use of information and communication technologies influencing sustainable position of service enterprises in Slovakia

Dana Benešová, Miroslav Hušek

3297    1338