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Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Issues Open access
Journal Impact FactorTM (2022) 1.7
Journal Citation IndicatorTM (2022) 0.42


LNG Maritime energy contracting model

Eunice Omolola Olaniyi, Laima Gerlitz

3428    1960

Occupational health and safety aspects of green shipping in the Baltic Sea

Karin Reinhold, Marina Järvis, Gunnar Prause

4310    2470

A compliance cost analysis of the SECA regulation in the Baltic Sea

Gunnar Prause, Eunice Omolola Olaniyi

3805    1600

Entrepreneurial compliance opportunities for maritime fuel producers

Eunice Omolola Olaniyi, Yassine Bakkar, Gunnar Prause

3908    1947

Real options analysis of abatement investments for sulphur emission control compliance

Sina Atari, Yassine Bakkar, Eunice Omolola Olaniyi, Gunnar Prause

6243    2408