The big picture of climate change research in the Arab world: insights from bibliometric analysis

Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk, Nahed M. Salem, Amr Radwan, Leonardo Piccinetti, Yasser Elshayeb, Mahmoud M. Sakr, Abdelmajid BenAmara, Yasser R. Abdel-Fattah

192    97

A novel composite index for regional innovation assessment with an application to Egyptian governorates

Motaz Khorshid, Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk, Mohamed Ismail, Amr Radwan, Mahmoud M. Sakr

1691    1034

Egypt beyond COVID 19, the best and the worst-case scenarios

Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk, Leonardo Piccinetti, Amr Radwan, Nahed M. Salem, Mahmoud M. Sakr, Anas Khasawneh

2877    1893

Science and innovation policies in North African Countries: Exploring challenges and opportunities

Amr Radwan

4050    1515

Review of Egypt Science and Technology System: SWOT analysis

Amr Radwan, Mahmoud M. Sakr

2933    1945

Innovation magnitude of manufacturing industry in Egypt with particular focus on SMEs

Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk, Haiam Helmy Ibrahim, Amr Radwan, Mahmoud M. Sakr, Manuela Tvaronavičienė, Leonardo Piccinetti

3276    2281

Measuring innovations in Egypt: case of industry

Mohamed Ramadan A. Rezk, Haiam Helmy Ibrahim, Manuela Tvaronavičienė, Mahmoud M. Sakr, Leonardo Piccinetti

3242    1941